This sound could change everything for babies who refuse to sleep

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Tuesday, 18 April 2017, 12:38PM

There is a new trick for parents who are struggling to get their newborns to sleep: Pink noise.

Sleep expert, Elizabeth Pantley – author of No-Cry Sleep Solution - has suggested that this could be the solution for a good night’s rest.

So what exactly is pink noise?

According to Pantley it "is a variant of white noise that sounds deep, rich, and monotonous."

White noise - which has a higher pitch, like that of a hairdryer - has long been thought to help aid sleep. However pink noise, by comparison, has a lower, more soothing pitch, similar to the sound of rainfall, the crashing of ocean waves or a beating heart.

Pantley says that babies seem to "distrust totally quiet rooms". Pink noise helps add an element of comfort by breaking that silence and allowing your little ones to drift off quicker.

And it’s not just for children - pink noise can be just as relaxing for adults.

"Once you [get used to it], it will blend into your night-time routine easily," Pantley says.

If you want to give pink noise a try – here is a 10-hour recording of the sound:

Happy sleeping!

This article was first published on The Hits and is republished here with permission.