Alexa Tips & Tricks

Publish Date
Saturday, 16 November 2019, 10:52AM

After setting up your Alexa device and downloading the Amazon Alexa app, open the app on your phone, click on the menu top left and then click Settings.

Scroll down and select Music and then select iHeartRadio under Manage Services 

Select Link Account, you will then be prompted to enter your iHeartRadio username and password, then click Activate.


You are now good to start streaming our live stations with the power of your voice !


Example commands to try

Alexa, play ZM on iHeartRadio

Alexa, play NewstalkZB on iHeartRadio

Alexa, play Hauraki on iHeartRadio

Alexa, play RadioSport on iHeartRadio

Alexa, play Flava FM on iHeartRadio

Alexa, play The Hits FM on iHeartRadio

Alexa, play The Alternative Commentary Collective on iHeartRadio

Alexa, play The Coast on iHeartRadio

Alexa, play The Mix on iHeartRadio


If you want to play a regional station, include the region like below

Alexa, play The Hits Christchurch on iHeartRadio

Alexa, play The Hits Wellington on iHeartRadio

Alexa, play The Hits Auckland on iHeartRadio

Alexa, play NewsTalkZB Christchurch on iHeartRadio


Also, check out some of our exclusive digital only stations such as

Alexa, play ZM Friday Jams on iHeartRadio

Alexa, play Viva on iHeartRadio

Alexa, play Coast Smooth on iHeartRadio


Check out all our stations here


Having trouble ? If you had an existing Amazon account, it might still be linked to the US store. 

Follow the below to change to the AU(NZ) store

Make sure your Amazon account is under the AU region.

To check this, log in to your Amazon account

Under your profile, go to Manage your content and devices

Click on Country and enter your address.

You should then receive a prompt to move your Amazon account to the AU store.

Once moved, you should recieve this message Thank you for transferring your device to


Happy listening,

Your team at iHeartRadio New Zealand



In addition to playing back our stations on iHeartRadio, we also have some Alexa "Skills" you can enable.

Under Settings, choose "Skills & Games"

Search for NZ Herald, or Newstalk ZB, or ZM

Click on the skill and select Enable To Use


You can now play the latest news by saying,

Alexa, play News


Plus, we have a couple of special skills for our ZM station

Search for the ZM skill and select Enable to Use, then

Alexa, open ZM

You can then try,

Alexa, ask ZM to play a podcast

Alexa, ask ZM to play the live stream


Link to NZ Herald Skill

Link to Newstalk ZB Skill

Link to ZM Skill